Hay Ball

I was walking around my local pet shop the other day when I noticed that most of the small animal toys were very expensive for a piece of cardboard or plastic and most of the time they never even touch them! When I got home I knew that I had to make a better version of the £5 pieces of plastic that stays untouched in the corner of a hutch. I went to empty the bin and noticed that I had a few toilet roll tubes so I brainstormed and came up with a few ideas that would work. I have only had time to make one toy today but more ideas will soon be on their way. This is how to make a Hay Ball:

1) Gather all the equipment you will need. I used; 1 Toilet Roll Tube, Shoelace/String, Hole Punch, Pencil, Ruler, Handful Of Hay, Couple of food pellets/Treats.

Step 1

2) Flatten out the toilet roll tube and grab your ruler and pencil. Measure 1cm lines from each side of the tube going horizontally.

Step 2

3) Once you have marked your 1cm gaps, Cut along the lines until your tube has turned into strips of cardboard.

Step 3

4) Your strips should be joined so they are mini circles, cut along one of the joined sides of it until they are long strips.

Step 4
Step 4

5) Using your hole punch, make a hole in each side of the strip but make sure its more-or-less central, if you cut too close to the side and it make a gap rather than a hole, just use masking tape to wrap around it and hole punch it again.

Step 5

6) Once you have hole punched all of your strips you need to measure out your piece of string/shoelace. I used 15cm but it doesn’t really matter how long it is so its up to you. If you are hanging it from the hutch roof it will be better having a longer piece but if you’re using it as a ball on the floor then a shorter string will be fine. Cut your string and tie a know in the end of it.

Step 6

7) Start threading you cardboard strips onto the string but only put on side of the strip on so it looks like this:

Step 7 P1

Once you have done that you can tie a knot higher up the piece of string and thread the other side of the strips onto it.

Step 7 P2

8) Spread the strips around the string and fill it up with your choice of filling. I chose hay and hid a couple of food pellets into it but it is up to you. Missy loved it and left quite a bit of mess rolling it around everywhere lol.

Finished Product
Hope you enjoy making it and your bun loves tossing it around, if you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me at: fluffybunniesblog@outlook.com

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